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Make Cashew Nut Sweet Ball As a Sweet Treat

Nuts are very delicious and nutritious food. It is one of the main ingredients in the foods like desserts and chocolate. In this article, we are going to talk about such a sweet dish that is made from cashew nuts. It is known as “Cashew Nut Sweet Ball” or “kazubadam manda” in Bengali. This dish can be served after dinner or as a snack with tea.

Many people want to eat something sweet after a meal. Today we will discuss a recipe that will enhance the taste and fulfill your nutritional needs. You can gift your relatives or friends this tasty treat so they can be delightful when you visit them. You only need six ingredients, and the preparation method is very simple to follow.

Here are the required ingredients and preparation methods for making cashew nut sweet ball:


  1. Cheese curd – 1 cup, 
  2. Malai or skimmed milk – ½ cup,
  3. Sugar – 3/4 cup,
  4. Cashew nut paste – ½ cup,
  5. Crushed cashews – ½ cup,
  6. Cardamom powder – ½ Tsp.

Cashew Nut Sweet Ball Preparation Method:

Now let’s talk about how to make a cashew nut Sweet Ball dish. Take 1 cup of cheese curd in a bowl and make a dough by mixing it well into a fine paste. Then cut the dough into two parts. With 1 part, add sugar, Malai, Cashew Nut Paste, Crushed Cashews and Cardamom Powder and mix it on medium heat into a nonstick pan.

When the mixture becomes sticky, take it out from the stove and mix it with the other part of the cheese curd dough. Spread the mixture on a plate and let it cool. Cut the spread into twelve slices, pour crushed cashew nut into each piece, and make a ball with your hand. You can do the same for all 12 parts and let them cool down in the refrigerator. Serve with your favourite decoration. 

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